A. Chab Touré on Malick Sidibe, Malian Photography, Aesthetics, Contemporary Art, & on & on

I post these links because I think it is important to hear what Malians (and Continental Africans, on and of the Continent) are saying about their own work and their own artists. I think it is particularly important to hear from the those who are still on the ground and trying to get more visibility and build craft and critical capacity of the artists of their country(ies).

Bamako Encounters 2015: Tradition and change in Malian photography

Mali’s Era of Independence, in Photos originally published on Creative Time Reports

Midnight in Bamako: In search of the late Malick Sidibé and the rhythmic roots of his legendary photographs.

a few video interviews with A.Chab Touré

L’esthétique en Art – Rencontre avec Chab Touré from les inachevés on Vimeo.

Chab Touré nous parle d’esthétique, de la naissance de l’Art (4’40”), de la relation Art – Religion – Pouvoir (7’28”), de la naissance de l’Art Moderne (9’14”), de l’oeuvre et de sa valeur symbolique (12’00”) et de l’Art Contemporain (14’20”).

Art et concept – Rencontre avec Chab Touré from les inachevés on Vimeo.

Chab Touré nous parle de:
– L’Art contre la culture, contre le société
– La conceptualisation, une prise de distance avec la réalité.

Long time

Yeah…I know it has been a looonnng time since I have been here, but life has kept me quite busy lately. Trying to keep up with 2 little ones 2 years old or younger is not an easy task, but I am loving every minute of it.

I just wanted to jump on here and share a little bit of news. A poem that I wrote here in Mali, entitled Currency, has been published on PRIVATE.

It seems like a great publication, I have been following them for some time now and I hope to collaborate with them on some projects in the near future.

Check it out when you get a chance—>PRIVATE.